Offering innovative and exciting solutions to help clients grow their online presence would soon endow Targeting as one of the leading web development service providers in Armenia at GooFirms.



Targeting is a company that provides creative digital marketing website development and app development services that provide innovative and exciting solutions for the development of their client’s businesses. The team works passionately to increase the brand visibility online to make it more accessible by the target audience to make the website or page more attractive, beautiful, and functional.


Targeting has a group of unique individuals working together to create a sustainable, reliable brand. With a vast client base, the company has gained exponential experience in developing websites for brands of different industries. They remain continuously updated with the ever-changing development world, attention to every minute detail, and constantly strive for professional improvement.


GoodFirms research process

GoodFirms is a B2B Research and review platform that bridges service seekers and service provider companies. The companies are evaluated based on three main parameters: Quality, Reliability, and Ability. After a complete evaluation, the companies that stand out are ranked among the top positions on the platform in their respective industries.


Similarly, the research team also evaluated Targeting and found it among the most reliable web development companies.


Web development services

In today’s modern world, an interactive and well-designed website is a must for any successful business. The team at Targeting uses the technology platforms that meet their client’s needs; the Specialists create a unique website for their business that will be beautiful and functional. Combining their developer’s vast array of industry experience and skills leaves no stone unturned in developing lively websites.


The team provides web development services from small-size startups to large companies. Before the process of development begins, the company pushes every edge to understand the business ideas of their clients, which later adds them in making websites that unerringly reach the target audience. The team constantly communicates the developments to the clients to keep them in the loop of the whole process. Due to their extraordinary practice of developing web solutions that elevate the client’s brand, Targeting is expected to soon rank among the top web development companies in Armenia at GoodFirms.


Mobile App development services

Targeting is a leading mobile application development company that has worked with multiple industries like retail manufacturing, banking, travel, and many more. The company has created unique and feature-rich Android, Windows, iOS, and cross-platform mobile apps, trending on the app stores with millions of downloads.


The team delivers remarkable experiences via rich mobile applications packed with desirable traits like functionality robustness and usability. Along with timely delivery, the agency also excels in providing quality products. They believe in adding valuable features to the apps. Not only this, but the team of expert developers also suggests the clients for testing the app before launch to get clear market feedback. So for their remarkable practice of providing excellent services to their clients, Targeting would soon rank among the top mobile app development companies in Armenia at GoodFirms.


Digital Marketing services

The team at Targeting is well-versed in delivering astounding internet marketing solutions in a simple way to their clients. We have a dedicated team of marketing professionals that possesses the skill of marketing that helps in boosting the sales of the company and ultimately results in large profits.


The team is Google certified, uses Google Analytics, and has vast experience creating advertising campaigns on Google ads. The expert marketers accurately target the audience specific to the client’s product and service offerings and design PPC campaigns that ensure that the money invested provides quick benefit to the client’s business. They constantly monitor how Google and index algorithms are changing to formulate strategies so that the client’s site remains one of the best in search results. The teams’ constant efforts and market-ready approach will shortly place Targeting among the top digital marketing agencies in Armenia at GoodFirms.


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