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Did you know that listing your business in Google My Business (GMB) is not enough to raise your domain authority and appear on top search results of Google?

You might’ve already known that Google is the first search engine in the world. 92% of the user implemented search results are happening in Google. By listing your business with Google My Business (GMB) or any other Armenian Business Directory you are increasing the chances of appearing on the first page of the search results and increasing the chances of users to click on the links that mention your name or brand. Let’s look into each one of them and explore what each business listing platform can bring to your Armenian business.

What is Google My Business (GMB)?

Google my business

GMB or Google My Business is a listing website that helps connect your website with the internet. GMB is a free listing platform that helps many marketers promote their businesses locally and boost them organically to the top search results. GMB is a product of Google, the platform that many of us use daily to search for any of our needs, for example – a coffee shop near me, a gym near me, a restaurant near me, etc. It is thanks to Google and businesses listed on Google that our search brings many options to choose from. But how does it work?

Before listing your business with GMB you need to create a Google Business account. It is free and easy to manage and access from any device. After the Google Business profile is created it is time to list your business with GMB. Listing your business with Google My Business (GMB) is very easy. Some marketers say GMB is good only for local businesses, but we would like to assure you that it is not. Google My Business allows you to add a service area, a region where you operate your services on. Of course, it is easier for Google to showcase a local business that will be closer to your geolocation but listing your online business and providing the service area or areas will work with Google as well.

What is an Armenian Business Directory?

Armenian business directory

Armenian business directory or any other business directory is a part of the listing platforms that exist on the internet. Business directories help users to filter their search and look for anything they are looking for with keywords or segmented search on their platforms. There are business directories for specific business categories, service providers, or local regions and there are business directories that are based on sex, nationality, or country, a great example of a Business Directory is the I-AM.AM Armenian Business Directory encompasses all Armenian-owned businesses globally with their locations, categories, tags like female-owned, or any custom features that Armenian business owners want to list their businesses with.

Armenian business directories, GMB, or any other business directories work on the same standard by helping users optimize their search and help businesses gain traffic and optimize their search results. But in order to do that businesses need to make sure their business listings are up to date and include the most recent and updated information about their businesses. The way Google crawlers work is they go on the billions of codes and read the similarities they find. If it happens that they find the same business but have different and not matching information, such as location or operating hours different from each other it can actually hurt your business, and instead of pushing to the top search results it can push down or completely take out from appearing on any Google search results. So if you think listing your local Armenian business in GMB or Armenian business directory is sufficient to increase your traffic and domain authority then we would like to warn you that it is not.

When listing your business in GMB or Armenian business directory you will have to go through the basing listing process. By adding business-related information, such as – a description of the business, operating hours, location (locations if you have more than one), social media and website links, pictures that best describe your business. Think of it this way, when a user will be looking for information what will be the first thing they will be looking for, right – the phone number, location, or hours, why not the website. The first information that will attract them, gain their attention, and drive them to your website.

Always visit your listings pages, add posts and update information. Encourage your users to visit them and leave their reviews about your services or products. Make sure to answer the user-generated reviews within 24-48 hours and improve yourself per the feedback gained from the customers. Customer reviews play a vital role in SEO reputation management. They can move the business up and drop the reputation of a business in a matter of seconds. But how you react, answer, and gain most of the customer reviews is where your benefits are.

GMB or Armenian business directory! Which one your small business should go with?

The short answer is to do both! List your business with both GMB and Armenian Business Directory. It is highly recommended to have as many citations related to your brand as possible. Make sure they are all relevant and link the users to the appropriate landing page. It is not good and even can hurt your brand reputation and increase the bounce rate if you lead users to a landing page not relevant to the keywords they have clicked on to be directed to look for more information and happen to find not relevant information and leave immediately. Make sure the links that you are putting on the GMB or Armenian business directories are all relevant and are not broken. List your business in relevant business directories and try to gain relevant backlinks in order to raise domain authority and increase the chances of appearing on the top search results of Google.